#CosmopolitanChic Transition Looks

#CosmopolitanChic Daytime Look

When Jennifer from Vegas.com approached me with an idea of doing transitional looks for one day stay in the Sin City, I jumped at the opportunity. One day and one night at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, who wouldn't go a bit wild an splurge? Now, you only have to look the part:) Here are two looks that I've come up with:

For the day look,I chose this gorgeous Mary katrantzou dress, it's so bright and colorful and I've been such a big fan of hers, so if I had only one chance to splurge in Vegas, I'd invest in this dress. Because Vegas is pretty big and a girl is always on the go, I chose these Valentino fluorescent shoes purely because of the comfort factor - and also because I think that pumps are overrated. Yes, they look gorgeous but they are always killing my feet. 

Now, let's accessorize (my favorite part:)) First, diamonds are a girl's best friend, so diamond studs from White gold diamond jewelry  are just the ticket. But then again, the diamond studs cannot be the only sparkly thing on a girl, right? Now we need a little bit of Chanel, and this Chanel charm bangle works beautifully with the earrings. To balance out this look, I chose the  Valentino studded shoulder bag because the soft pastel baby blue makes the bluish tones on the dress really stand out and it gives this classic look a bit of an edge.

I'm going to let you in on a little bit of a secret: I am short-sighted. That's why I have decided to create a look with glasses because 90% of the pages in fashion magazines are with models who aren't wearing any glasses. Also, I believe that there is a bit of a pressure in our society that people need to wear contacts instead of glasses. I wonder why, if you can wear these beautiful Ray-Ban round eye glasses they are so chic! Cat-eye glasses are the hit of this season, so if you need new glasses, go for this look! And when is outside, why not wear Linda Farrow acetate sunglasses?

#CosmopolitanChic for a Day

When night falls in the Sin City, we need even more sparkle and these sparkly French Connection hot pants are perfect for the job. By the way, I know that by choosing them, I am walking the thin line between trashy and classy, that is why the rest of the outfit is really toned down with black.

This is something that every girl should know: if you're wearing hot pants, you need to wear them with Whistles black tights. That's the only way to go. Now, I wanted to give this outfit a bit of an edge and this Givenchy black top looked perfect for the part, I love the big zipper neckline. These three pieces of the outfit can still be a little bit too skimpy, that's why I chose this gorgeous VILA black jacket to balance out the look and give it a bit more class.

And now - accessories: I fell in love with this Chanel handbag, it's a timeless classic, but with a bit of an edge. To give this outfit just a little pop of color, I chose Christian Louboutin black shoes  and Jennifer Loiselle art deco jewelry that matches the Louboutins' signature red soles:)

What do you think of this look?

Feel free to comment:)




The French Interiors

I thought about it for a long time and decided to write a post about the French interiors that I saw in Paris, it's where I draw my inspiration from and I really wanted to share this with you. I love pouring over pages of interior design magazines, such as Art & Decoration, HOME, ELLE Decor, etc. It gives me so many ideas on how to decorate my own apartment, which is a total work in progress, after almost two years, my books are still on the floor of my living room. Oh well... 

Our home reflects our state of mind; how we perceive the world and how we see ourselves in it; and I honestly believe that every apartment, even the smallest, dingiest, one-bedroom apartment has the potential to be turned into a welcoming warm nest. How? Follow these simple steps.
 1. Go crazy with a bold color, such as red, on the walls, and then tone all the pieces of furniture down with whites, beiges, silvers, etc. (The sheep are optional:)


How to Survive in a Slasher Movie

Aren’t you tired of the same old clichĂ©s in slasher movies? How the virgins never die and sluts get chopped into pieces? How people in a group always split up and thus making it easier for the psycho-freaky Jason to get them, one by one? Sounds familiar?

This post is all about survival. So step aside, Bear Grylls, Soul Fishing is taking over.

Here is slasher movie survival one-on-one:


How not to go Broke in Palmanova

If you’re from Italy, Slovenia, Austria or Croatia, you must have heard of Palmanova Village Outlet. If not, let me explain in a nutshell – it’s basically a shopping village, with sales all year round. In short – it’s paradise.

This Sunday was my first shopping trip to Palmanova and I have to admit I wasn’t particularly excited about the whole thing since two of my closest friends said that it was nothing special. End quote. Therefore, I was expecting a big warehouse-like building with fluorescent lights and bad ventilation and cheap clothes stacked in piles and people fighting over them like pigeons over crumbs.

I am happy to say that this was one of those occasions when life pleasantly surprises you and gives you something way better than you had imagined. The ‘’village’’ was an actual mini village with detached houses, each a shop on its own, with everything your heart desires: from Lindt chocolaterie, to renowned brands, such as Baldinini, Pollini, Calvin Klein, IXOS, Pupa Makeup, I could go on and on. Like I said – it was paradise. A paradise that caused a big leakage in my wallet, which is not the first nor the last time it has happened. So, I have decided to do something about it – and to blog about this experience, hopefully preventing further faux pases for myself and for all the lost souls making a pilgrimage to Palmanova.

Here’s what you need to know. Before you splurge in Palmanova:


Enjoy your life like the French!